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Virtual Candle
:candle: :redc: To all my healer friends I’m calling on you all again. Tonight I’ve found out my other friend Naomi Andx has been admitted into hospital after testing positive for COVID. Those who know Naomi know this can be very dangerous and serious for her due to the extreme asthma attacks she has took in the past which has put her life at risk. I need you all to pray and send healing In abundance and also to continue sending it to annmarie, Meghan and her partner. I thank you all in advance xx
Name: Tom
Date: 26 Oct 20 08:25am
Virtual Candle
:candle:I light this candle for Brianna, love and blessings xx
Name: Lisa
Date: 04 Oct 20 12:52am
Virtual Candle
:crystalc: :candle: Please can you send healing to little Bee, my aunt's great grandson, and his family.
They are going to speak to a specialist to see if they can holt or at least manage his condition
Thank you xxxxx
Name: Lynda
Date: 30 Sep 20 07:02am
Virtual Candle
:redc: Angela Perry, She suffers from lupus and is experiencing severe body pain. Thank you in advance for all you do.
Wishing You Love and Light,
Name: Howie
Date: 28 Sep 20 10:10am
Virtual Candle
:longc: Prayers are desperately needed for a 16 year old MILLIE.
She is fighting fir her life suffering from cancer.
Thanks to all.
Name: Georgie
Date: 18 Jul 20 06:21pm
Virtual Candle
:candle: This candle is lit for Eva Drach, who was murdered at the age of 4 by an unspeakable evil, your safe in the hands of God now
Name: Gerry
Date: 22 Jun 20 09:10pm
Virtual Candle
:crystalc: Please send healing to a young man, Daniel, and his family..Daniel has a lot of health problems and is in a very dark place now..He's given up..Thank you all and God bless 🙏🙏❤️❤️
Name: Rose
Date: 21 Jun 20 12:01am
Virtual Candle
:candle: Can I send healing to my close friend and her mum as her mums going through a big operation today thank you 🙏❤❤
Name: Donna
Date: 02 Jun 20 10:27pm
Virtual Candle
This candle is for you my sister.
Name: Jade Phoenix
Date: 28 May 20 11:41am
Virtual Candle
:2c: :crystalc: Can I please ask for healing for my daughter Bobbie who is only 18years old and had a miscarriage yesterday, also healing for her boyfriend Kieran. They are both gutted.
Thanx so much on advance xxx
Name: Natalie
Date: 24 May 20 04:16pm

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